Remote Deposit Capture

What is Remote Deposit Capture?
Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit a single check to your checking account by taking a picture of the front and back of the check with a camera-enabled smartphone.

What are the requirements to use Remote Deposit Capture?
You must have a checking account that is in good standing. You also must be enrolled in internet banking and mobile banking to use the RDC feature.

Is there a fee for using Remote Deposit capture?
Currently, there is no fee to utilize this service.

Will I be charged by my mobile carrier for this service?
Your standard wireless carrier charges may apply.

How do I endorse the check I am depositing?
You must endorse the check as “For deposit only, account #_______”.

Is there a dollar limit to the amount I can deposit using Remote Deposit Capture?
All deposits done through mobile banking are subject to Bank review and/or approval. Deposits are limited to one (1) check at a time. The maximum dollar amount per business day is $1,500.00 with no more than 3 deposits. The maximum dollar limit per month is $5,000.00 with no more than 10 deposits.

What do I do with the check once I have submitted it for deposit?
You must retain the check for 30 days after the date of deposit. This will allow you to verify the deposit against your monthly statement. You may then destroy the check, mark it “VOID” or otherwise render it incapable of further transmission, deposit or presentment.

How quickly will the deposit show up in my account?
If your mobile deposit is completed prior to 2PM (EST) on any business day, you will receive credit on that business date. Please note all deposits are subject to review and/or final approval by the Bank.

Can I make a deposit to my savings account?
No. Remote Deposit Capture is only available for deposits made to checking accounts. You may use mobile banking to transfer funds after they become available.

Can I deposit into more than one account thru Remote Deposit capture?
No. A single check is deposited into a single checking account. If you have multiple checks to deposit, you would select which checking account you would like to deposit into during each transaction.

How long does it take to upload a deposit?
This will depend on the speed of your connection. Wi-Fi transmission submit times usually take about 5-30 seconds.

Who should I call if I need help with Remote Deposit Capture?
You may contact the Bookkeeping Department at the Bank during regular business hours at (570) 339-1040 or (877) 786-5805.