110 Years of Banking — Historical Timeline

1894 – The Mount Carmel Banking Company is Founded
Thomas M. Righter and eleven other local businessmen and entrepreneurs founded The Mount Carmel Banking Company. Originally located at 18 S. Oak Street in downtown Mount Carmel (the present location of Academy Sports Center)

1906 – The Union National Bank of Mount Carmel Established
After 12 years, The Mount Carmel Banking Company becomes The Union National Bank of Mount Carmel. Thomas M. Righter was elected President.

1916 – The Marble Hall Hotel
Bank operations move headquarters from 18 S. Oak Street to Third and Oak St, downtown Mount Carmel. The 4-story remodeled building of marble became known as The Marble Hall Hotel. The location served as both the bank, and the hotel, an enterprise of Union National Bank.

1930s & 40s – The Great Depression & World War II
While many banking institutions faulted during this time period, The Union National Bank maintained a solid financial foundation as a locally owned and operated independent bank.

1950s – End of the Marble Hotel
Hotel rooms were converted to 18 apartments. The building became known as The Union National Bank Building. In later years, a radio station would occupy a section of the building, and a bar and grill would be operated by a private citizen.

1988 – Holding Company Established
UNB Corp. was established as a Bank Holding Company for The Union National Bank of Mount Carmel.

1993 – Tragic Fire Strikes
It was a sad, tragic day in Mount Carmel, when a fire broke in The Union National Bank Building, killing 3 residents. The cause of the fire was undetermined, and the once proud landmark was destroyed.

1993 – Temporary Bank Opened
121 S. Oak Street opened as a temporary bank location just 9 days after the fire. The decision was to re-build the bank at their landmark location at Third and Oak Street.

1994 – Re-building a Landmark
Early 1994 began construction for
re-building the bank. The bank re-opened in late Fall 1994. Original architectural design elements were re-captured using limestone and surviving marble from the fire was incorporated into the new facade.

1995 – Branch Opening
A branch office open in Numidia, located at 1071 Numidia Drive, Numidia, PA.

2006 – 100 Year Anniversary

2012 – UNB Bank
The Union National Bank of Mount Carmel converts from a national bank to a Pennsylvania state-chartered bank to be known as UNB Bank.

2015 – Re-branding for UNB Bank
UNB unveils a new logo, website, and overall branding to better represent the brand as they move to the future.

2016 – Awarded 5-Star Rating
UNB Bank earned the prestigious 5-star rating from BauerFinancial for the last 31 consecutive quarters. This achievement recognizes UNB Bank as one of the strongest financial institutions in the United States.